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Our novelty documents are intended for theatrical, training, educational, gifting and practical jokes use only. When placing an order, you must use your own legit details. If you state you are using them for any other use, then we will not be able to proceed with the order. The documents must not be used for any other purpose.

Yes we do. Our replica documents are guaranteed for quality with no hesitation. Our fake documents are thoroughly inspected in order to ensure that they have been created as per your specifications and also to make sure that they appear very close to the original document. If upon review of your order, some kind of error is discovered (for instance, a wrong date or a spelling mistake), all you need to do is, contact us right away and we will correct the mistake and ship the edited document at once without any questions.

If there is an available original (also called “proof”) of your requested document, we will be happy to duplicate it for you. All you need to do is, send it to us and we will create an exact replica that fulfils all the specifications you desire. We prefer a scanned document image (jpg format, preferably) via email. We will produce the most accurate copy that includes all details.


We never mention words like “sample” or “specimen” on our documents. The final version (both digital & printed copies) will appear similar to the original.